About Adeeb Azizi

1368110468_551538_10150753520015708_1086251266_nAs a senior real estate associate at Capcity Realty Group in Alberta, Adeeb Azizi works with homeowners as well as large commercial and residential property owners. In addition to overseeing a team of real estate professionals, he provides third-party asset management. Outside of work, Adeeb Azizi actively contributes to a wide range of nonprofit organizations and community development projects.

Mr. Azizi graduated from the University of Alberta with a bachelor’s degree and worked in law enforcement before receiving his real estate license. In his first year at Xcd Realty Inc., his former brokerage he worked for, he received recognition for being the company’s top sales agent. He also has earned praise for successfully managing a major residential property in a low-income area of Alberta.

In his personal life, Adeeb Azizi is a passionate supporter of various causes, including the Afghan School Project, women’s shelters, and community homeless shelters. He also has traveled to a number of locations to assist populations in the wake of disaster.


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