The Benefits of Writing for Pleasure

Adeeb Azizi, former CFO at Paramount Group companies and senior real estate agent at XCD Realty and Property Management, currently works as a senior real estate associate for Capcity Realty Group. In his free time, Adeeb Azizi enjoys playing soccer, running, coaching his daughters’ softball and soccer teams, and writing.

WritingAlthough many people do not write for pleasure, it has several benefits for the mind. Recent research shows that the mental exercise required for writing helps keep the mind healthy, thus lowering the incident rates of memory-related diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Further, writing has been shown to increase intelligence and emotional quotients.

Writing also serves as a great way to get the brain started in the morning. Instead of sitting at work waiting to fully wake up, individuals can help jump-start the wake up with some writing, which allows for productivity to start sooner. Additionally, writing serves as a great way to vent any worries, frustrations, or stress that may have come up during the night, allowing the brain to be focused on the upcoming day.

Finally, writing helps improve creativity, and increase and maintain vocabulary. The expressive nature of writing promotes creative thinking and processing, while the use of vocabulary helps maintain it. Research has shown that individuals who write improve their vocabulary by around 3,000 words, allowing them to better express themselves.